How to Play D&D

Playing the Game
So, you have your character, you have your DM, you have a group, now how do you play the game? D&D is a d20 TTRPG, a Table Top Role Playing Game based around using dice, primarily the 20 sided die, or d20, as something to introduce chance into storytelling. To play, the DM presents you with a scenario, and asks you how you, and your fellow players, would like to handle it. What do you want to do? You come up with your answer, what your character would do in reaction to this, and the DM will either resolve the situation based on your actions, and tell you the outcome, or ask you for a skill check. A skill check is simply rolling a d20 and adding your skill bonus. Skill bonuses are from the ability modifier relating to the skill, and your proficiency bonus if you are proficient in that skill, or with using that tool. Combat is a trickier situation, with a lot more specific rules to it. All of your options for combat are outlined in chapter 9 of the player handbook. You can take action such as attacking, making a spell, dashing, dodging, grappling, searching, interacting with an object, or even improvising another action. Each round in combat lasts for 6 seconds, in game, and everything you do in combat takes place within those 6 seconds. Simply put, that is how you play D&D. You respond to the situations the DM presents, take your turns in combat, and make skill checks when the DM requests one. You are contributing to a story by using your character, one of the main characters in the story. You work with your allies to overcome whatever opposes you and your objectives. Welcome to D&D. Have fun!