Clark's Campaigns for D&D

What is D&D
D&D is short for Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeons and Dragons is a Tabletop Roleplaying Game. Each player takes on the role of a character that they have created, and that they wish to use to partake in the adventures that will unfold at the table. At it's core, this is a set of rules used to help players and their Dungeon Master, the one who enforces the rules of the game and creates the world and it's inhabitants, work together to tell a collaborative story, using dice to create an element of chance.

Past Campaigns
Thus far, I have run Tomb of Annihilation, a published adventure taking place on the dangerous island of Chult, as well as multiple homebrew, or self created, adventures. Some of these include a literal witch hunt, an escape from a dungeon dedicated to a god of death, and an ascent through a nearly endless tower with infinite fame, glory, and wealth at the top.

Current Campaigns
Currently, I am involved in running 3 different campaigns, but potentially up to 5, depending on how they are counted. One of them was talked about it the last section of the page, the tower of limitless fame, fortune, and wealth, waiting at the top. That one has been put on hold, or will be, as soon as we are able to close the current story arc. 3 other ones, or one, depending on how you look at it, all exist within the same setting, which my players have done the majority of the work in developing. That group has 14 players, and a normal group exists of only 3-5 players at one time. I have split them into 3 groups, and the groups shift around from time to time, which is why I prefer to count it as 3 separate campaigns. That's the amount of work that I am doing at least. The final one is set in an ancient East Asian cultural setting. Technically it has not started as of the time that this was written, but will start on October 6th.

About Me
My name is Madison Clark, and I've been a Dungeon Master since September of 2017. I've run the game for about 20 different players thus far, though my experience as a player is limited to only a couple of hours.